We offer strategic and operational services within the area of Brand Activation which we define as:

“Bringing a brand to life by creating, executing and communicating brand experiences to stakeholders through relevant and engaging activities”

Our clients are global brands across various industries such as consumer goods, financial services, design, fashion and entertainment.

We combine extensive content market insights with the power of traditional business consulting through our team of entertainment experts and management consultants delivering activation strategies for brands as well as business strategies for the entertainment market.

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Core Services

Our core services include:

  1. Brand Activation Strategy
  2. Content Sourcing
  3. Brand Partnerships
  4. Digital Activation Solutions
  5. Commercial Solutions

Brand Activation Strategy

At Kuanhsi Consulting we have a fact-based approach to strategy.

We help clients  establish  a solid strategic foundation for generating sustainable brand impact and secure executive management buy-in by using proven tools from business consulting.

We guide clients through a structured process to identify a focus area that enables them to develop their brand position in a relevant and credible way tapping into the hearts and minds of consumers.

Crafting the strategy our approach is tailored to each client’s needs, which typically includes:

  • Review of Brand Activities
  • Consumer insights, competitor analysis and content research
  • The role of the brand
  • Executional platform
  • Conceptual directions
  • Tracking models

We often collaborate with supporting agencies and have great experience in integrating with clients’ regular agency set up structure.


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Content Sourcing

Kuanhsi Consulting holds a proven track record of accomplishment for 20+ years amongst leading global and local entertainment content suppliers.

What content fits my brand? How is the pricing structured? What is the value of my content? Questions we frequently get and where we provide our clients with the advantage of in-depth insights and optimal content pricing due to our proven validation tools.

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Brand Partnership

We help executives decide on the relevance of brand partnerships and how to extract most value from their investment.

We categorize brand partnerships into four categories:

  1. IP: A brand acquires the right to produce a product in the name of a known entertainment property
  2. By: A collaboration with a celebrity underwritten by…
  3. Co-branding: A well-known brand with strong brand image produce a sub-component or designs a product for another brand
  4. Inside: A product with high/best performance is integrated into another product/brand

We can service clients across the entire process from initial concept development to execution with:

  • Pre-analysis (to identify relevance and optimal partnership model)
  • Product focus
  • Partner and content selection
  • Business model
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Negotiations and contractual support
  • Campaign structure


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Digital Activation Strategy

As marketers get bombarded with the latest trends and digital solutions, we have identified a growing need to go ‘behind the scene’ and define the role for our clients.

We help clients prioritize the digital effort and outline a clear editorial approach to ensure content activation through digital assets that amplify the collective story.


The most common challenges to address are:

  • When is content relevant and valuable for digital activation?
  • How to identify optimal digital solutions solely within digital media space?
  • When to move your digital content into cross-media channels?
  • How can we entertain your audiences on their terms?
  • How do we best use the digital channels?
  • How do we manage and operate digital solutions that are content lead?

Kuanhsi Consulting has developed a simple model to structure and guide the activation of digital content – we call it the REAL model:

  • Reach: Where do we distribute to gain most powerful impact
  • Engagement: How do we interact with consumers based?
  • Activation: Which content are relevant and what to communicate?
  • Learning: How do we track DATA and use it to optimize your effort?

REAL model

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Commercial Solutions

The entertainment industry offers the best creative solutions in the world but is often challenged by not adapting a strategic mindset prior to execution as well as undefined organizational structures, processing systems, and impact tracking.

At Kuanhsi Consulting we offer leading entertainment clients (festival, venue, media, and content owners) to take the advantage of our market analytical systems and business modeling.

We also apply this method when bridging the gap between advertising and entertainment when brands become original content creators.

Our 4 commercial services are:

1. Partnerships:

Developing a solid co-branded strategy (B2B)

  • Positioning of the activity
  • Overall value proposition for a brand collaboration
  • Content and consumer value proposition
  • Commercial concept and detailed packages
  • Client services and evaluation model

2. Commercial Strategy

Outlining the optimal business composition across customer groups relative to content offerings, where we specifically look into:

  • Current partnership structure, B2B and B2C approach
  • Identifying the overall commercial touch points and most valuable assets
  • How to address the market based on commercial insights
  • Setting up commercial processes whilst securing organizational capabilities

3. Business Development

Understanding the existing commercial framework and providing guidelines for prioritizing new business opportunities:

  • Identify pocket of growth relative to core business
  • Concept development
  • Business model (for a property)
  • Possible collaborators
  • Organizational requirements

4. Audience Event Tracker

Succesfull entertainment properties are build on insights, understanding the audience attitude relative to experiences, and  commercial impact.

We have developed our very own Kuanhsi Audience Event Tracker that highlights the most valuable insight areas such as:

  • Event and audience profile
  • Ticketing
  • Media impact
  • Event experience
  • Content popularity
  • Attitudes towards commercial partnerships
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At Kuanhsi Consulting we recognize humans as the driving force for creating thoroughly crafted strategies as well as infusing the relevant creative ideas for a strategic founded brand position. Whilst honoring dedication and excellent services to our clients we also promote a Work Balanced Lifestyle taking pride in the details whilst having fun when executing the strategies.

Embracing constant changes in the market space, we always welcome true talent with a passion for consulting as well as an eye for entertainment.








As a dynamic and constant evolving agency we are continuously in search for talents who are interested in working within the fields of Brand Activation, Communication, Insights, and Business development.


Vacancies will be posted on our LinkedIn profile. The vacancies are for the Copenhagen office as well as for global positions  mostly focusing on Asia – Please feel free to forward your CV to kuanhsi@kuanhsi.com



Business Partners

Upon request Kuanhsi Consulting offers our clients highly competent partners within entertainment research, media validation and content sourcing:



EntSight operates at the growing intersection between Brands and Entertainment, Sports and Media.
We use data and insight to ensure our clients Campaigns, Partnerships and Activations drive the most impact and value from their target audiences.

• Use data to effectively determine the most impactful Celebrity Partnerships, Product Placements, Sponsorship Opportunities and Media Investments for Brands and Entertainment groups
• Provides insights and analysis for global brands including BMW, MINI, WANDA Media, Universal Music, Bulgari and Tommy Hilfiger


Wanda Media:

PropagandaGem now owned by Chinese Wanda Media is a subsidiary of Wanda Group which is responsible for the development, investment, production, publicity, marketing, copyright operations, and other film and television related business – in addition It owns AMC, Odeon & UCI, Wanda and other cinema chains, and 1,352 cinemas globally with a total of 14,347 screens.



We work effortlessly across all types of markets and have vast experience on international projects.

The Client portfolio consists of a variety of global brands with a demand for executing local as well as global strategies.

Our stronghold is within FMCG brands but also includes financial and entertainment businesses.

Client cases:

  • Arla – Global/Local
  • Carlsberg – China
  • Co-Ro – Global
  • Danske Bank – Nordic
  • DBU “Danish Football Association” – Denmark
  • Ecco – Global
  • Fitness World – Denmark
  • Kronenbourg – France
  • LEGO – China/Asia
  • Live Nation – Denmark
  • McDonald’s – Denmark
  • PANDORA – Global
  • RFRSH – Global/Local
  • The Royal Theatre – Denmark
  • Tuborg Beer – China
  • Tulip – Denmark
  • Wonderful Copenhagen

For more cases please send an inquiry to kuanhsi@kuanhsi.com




Kuanhsi Consulting has demonstrated its capabilities to deliver on multiple cases for a string of high profile brands across many different markets.

We are happy to share our stories and vast experience by contacting: kuanhsi@kuanhsi.com




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